Stubborn Dog Plays Dead to Avoid Going Home While Park Crowd Watches

Dogs are the most precious creatures in the world! Moreover, they seem to know this and try to take advantage of it as much as possible. You may have seen a dog give you “puppy-eyes” while you’re having dinner! But this dramatic dog takes it a step further. With all the crowd watching him, the dog plays dead, so he doesn’t have to leave the park!

Dog-owners love teaching their pets some tricks. Not only does this show that the dogs are smart, but it’s adorable! However, sometimes these impressive tricks that you love may backfire on you. Likewise, this cute Golden Retriever was smart enough to play dead on his owner.

dog playing dead

The pooch in question plops on the floor when its time to leave the park. Moreover, his human Dad pulls on the leash and tries to console him. But the pooch is adamant about staying! By this time, the whole park’s eyes are on him, and the canine uses this fact to hold his ground! Furthermore, the owner takes off the leash and walks away. And that’s when he stands up, only to lie down when he finds out it’s a trick. The pooch finally lets it go after the owner “takes off.” And the good boy gets applauds from the whole crowd! Watch the hilarious video below:

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