Annoyed Husky Repeatedly Says “No” When Dad Asks Him to Go to His Kennel

Huskies are one of the most amusing breeds of dogs on the planet. They are known to throw temper tantrums about anything that they don’t like. They also tend to be very vocal when things don’t go their way. Take for example, Brian. This Siberian husky is a beauty, but he is stubborn beyond words. You can often catch him arguing with his owner about one thing or the other. He gets especially mad when his owner asks him to go to bed.

Brian does like his “house” and prefers chilling on the couch instead. His owner tries several times, but the husky is defiant and just won’t comply. You will be in stitches when you hear him say “no” to his poor dad over and over again. Huskies are talkative and don’t hesitate to respond back when they get angry at someone. This one side heated argument has left many people on the internet laughing out loud. If he could talk, I am sure this pooch would have a lot more to say!

Brian was not really in the mood to go to his doghouse, so did the obvious thing. He responded back with a clear “no”. It is bad enough when kids talk back at you, but now even dogs have started doing so! Brian is acting rudely, but who can blame him when he is so cute!

Check out the full exchange between Brian and his human in the following clip! Share your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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