Viral: Some Boys Were Asked to Slap a Girl. This Was Their Remarkable Response

We always wish our kids to be the better version of human beings. Hence, we try our best to teach them proper manners. We expect them to act in a certain way, in public or private settings. Love and respect the elders and young ones. However, do we ever teach them why?

We say never hit a girl. But why shouldn’t they do that? Boys from an early age learn not to cry as that is a sign of weakness. For girls, it is always smiling or never be too loud. But why do you teach that? Will that make them better individuals? The clip below is a social experiment that questions these very norms of society. Initially, we get introduced to a bunch of lovely boys, a younger age group. Within seconds the toddlers, a beautiful lady joins them.

Now they are asked what they fancy about the girls. Adorables answers follow some say hairs, eyes, and even hands what cute, honest replies. Furthermore, the YouTuber asks them to caress her. Hence, they do as requested by the individual.

However, the fun little game takes a twisted turn. The man asks an unusual thing, “Slap her.” The glowing faces go unhappy within a short time. Not a single boy moves a muscle. Each and everyone says “NO” for all sorts of reasons. Please take a look at the footage and share your thoughts on this matter.

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