Brave Horse Does a Heroic Act After Learning His Family is Trapped in Dangerous Wildfire

We all know about the recent California fires that have burned down so much of forest land. It has also brought destruction to human settlements near the forests. It’s sad to think about all the damage the fires have caused to humans and animals alike.

During a rather large fire that engulfed 1300 acres in just a few hours, the residents of Simi Valley were trying to save themselves and their horses. Although all the humans were out of danger, this wasn’t true for the horses whose stables were in flames. That’s when brave Prieta galloped in to save the day!

horse fire rescue

Prieta got out of the burning ranch safely. But she must have sensed danger on her family who were still stuck in the flaming stable. Following her maternal instincts, Prieta dashed back to the flames. Only after meeting her grandchild, Onyx did she lead the crew to safety. You have to watch her in action in the video below:

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