People Say This 13 Yr Old Has No Bones in Her Body. As She Stood Up, I Couldn’t Stop Yelling

Most of us have a hard time just bending over to pick something up, but this girl in the video below isn’t one. 20-year-old Boyanka Angelova is a gymnast from Bulgaria who is going to stun you with her intricate yet graceful rhythmic gymnastics routine. I have seen a lot of different acts before, but this really blew my mind!

This video was shot back at the Junior European Championships in Turin back in 2008. Boyanka was just 13 years old at the time. She left the judges and the audience out of breath when she contorted and twisted in ways humanly impossible for most of us. Boyanka received the second place during the Championships.


Watch her impeccable routine in the video below. She is captivating, isn’t she? Let us know if you enjoyed Boyanka’s performance through your comments!

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