Senior Couple Enters Dance Contest and Shows Up the Younger Crowd

People often stereotype elders to be boring and passive people. But the couple featured in the video below proves that age is just a number.

You are going to be stumped when you see these seniors step onto the dance floor and execute their perfect routine. Everyone who was there in the audience had big smiles on their faces as the elderly couple performed their shocking act.

They start their dance by grabbing hands and taking a bow. They were really eager to show off their skills to the judges and the crowd, so they started right away. As soon as the music began, the duo did the most amazing Boogie Woogie ever.

These two are actually veteran dancers, and they show us how they have still managed to retain the magic from all those years ago. The people in the audience went wild and they couldn’t stop clapping for them.


They were actually so much into their dance, that they didn’t even notice how much space they took up. As they made their way closer and closer to one of the judges, they nearly bumped straight into him. It is quite clear to see that they enjoyed their performance as much as the audience did!

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