After 22 Years, These Best Friends Reunited. But Nobody Was Prepared for Their Emotional Reaction

Elephants are supposed to be some of the most intelligent creatures on earth. They are really smart, and have incredible memory. As they say, an elephant never forgets. They show an amazing social life, and they life in families just like us. It’s not unusual for elephants to for very strong bonds together. They can even be depressed or distressed if anything happens to their loved ones. The following story is about two elephants that are the best of friends!

Shirley and Jenny both used to be circus elephants in the past. When they first met, Jenny was just a baby and Shirley was in her 20s. Unfortunately, these two had to go through some bad times in their past. Both of these elephants were left crippled due to undergoing some horrifying abuse. Back in 2000, 17 years ago, PBS showed a documentary about them. They were also able to capture a heart-touching moment on camera.

These old friends were finally reunited after 22 long years apart. As soon as they saw each other at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, they instantly recognized each other. They never really forgot about each other it seems! They simply continued where they left off in the past. Elephants are said to never forget, and these two certainly didn’t forget even after all those years apart! Now these two really define friendship goals!

They might have gone through some bad times in the past, but now they have a happy life ahead of them. It has been made sweeter, thanks to their reunion!

Check out this amazing story below:

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