Big Bear Falls Asleep On Lawn After Eating 20 Pound Bag Of Dog Food

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? Goldilocks is a little girl who finds herself in a bear’s house. There, she eats their food and sleeps in their beds. The family of bears comes to find that a little girl has been asleep in their bed the whole time.
What a silly story! What would happen if that happened in real life? Well, this is that story. But instead of a girl sleeping in a wild animal’s house, a wild bear took a snooze in a person’s house! A homeowner in Florida was shocked to find a big black bear dozing off at her backyard. It seems like the wild bear entered her home in search of food. There, it downed 20-pounds of unopened dog food she had kept in stock. The bear dragged it to the yard and had a feast.

After its grand meal, the bear fell in a deep sleep. Afterward, the homeowner contacted her neighbor, who she usually called up to rid of critters and rodents. I’m sure he had the surprise of his life when he saw the giant bear. Moreover, he managed to film the sleepy bear. Watch the whole footage below:

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