Basketball Player Saves Ref’s Life After He Collapses from Heart Attack

Now and then we see videos of sports players who collapse during a game from over-exertion or even a medical problem. Well here’s one that’s a little different–a referee collapses on the sideline and has to be saved by a player.

61-year-old John Sculli was refereeing a semi-professional basketball game when he wobbled and fell to the ground. The game stops as people start running toward Sculli, including Toledo Glass City player Myles Copeland.

Copeland immediately starts CPR and you can watch him doing chest compressions to keep Sculli’s blood flowing in the video.

It turns out Copeland is a firefighter in his day job with the Toledo, Ohio, Fire Department and is used to saving peoples’ lives. “I run towards the emergencies, I don’t run away from them,” Myles said. He said he knew something was wrong immediately: “I don’t feel a pulse, he’s not breathing.”

The ref’s fiancé was in the stands. “He was gone. My only hope was they could bring him back.”

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