We all have trouble getting up sometimes, especially if someone or something wakes us up when we’re not expecting it. Here’s a beautiful little girl that lets her dad know she’s definitely not happy with him for ending nap time.

This little bundle of cuteness is Calesiah. She was enjoying her nap, dreaming away, when the mean ol’ Dad comes over and wakes her up to change her diaper! What in the world was he thinking! Calesiah is not happy, to say the least.

Calesiah is 11 months old and about as cute as can be. She gives Dad the cold shoulder after he rudely wakes her up, as if to say, “No, Dad, I’m not gonna smile at you or come to you or even look at you. You should have let me sleep!”

Watch the the short clip below and tell us what you think of what Dad did to Caliseah in the comments!

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