Dad Gives Toddler a Bottle and Instructions – Watch What Kid Does Next

Parents spend most of their lives teaching their kids to do what Mom and Dad think is the right thing in every imaginable situation. At the very beginning, it’s easy things like “roll over” or “sit up.” Here’s a great video about a Dad that gives Baby a bottle and says, “You know what to do.”

It’s always fun when we watch a little kid do something we don’t expect them to.  After all, we’re hardwired to like babies. And this kid is super cute, so of course we’re going to like him. When Dad sends him on his way, clearly the kid does know exactly what to do.

“Com on,” Dad says, “come on.” And sure enough, the little toddler works his way through the kitchen and into the living room with the bottle, heads for the pillow and lays down to drink it. He understands Dad perfectly–and what a little angel he is while he does it!

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