You Won’t Believe This Quartet’s A Cappella “Old Rugged Cross” – It’s So Beautiful!

When I heard this rendition of the gospel classic “Old Rugged Cross,” my jaw dropped to the floor. This is one of the most brilliant versions I’ve ever heard and I think you’ll like it too–especially when you find out who sings it.

This hymn was written in 1912 by American evangelist and song-leader George Bennard, a native of Youngstown, Ohio. Bennard, a Methodist, wrote the first verse alone but teamed up with his traveling partner Ed Mieras to finish a second verse and add harmonies.

What’s truly amazing about this rendition is that all four parts are sung by one man: Kaoma Chende. Kaoma is one of six children of a pastor and has always loved music. Amazingly, he films himself singing as part of a quartet, playing all four parts himself. If you look closely at the photograph above, it is all the same man!

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Kaoma said he saw someone else who had done this on YouTube and he wanted to try it. “Of course that got my attention, so I looked up the software he used, and watched a tone of tutorials and learned how to make the videos,” he said.

I’m not a big gospel songs fanatic, but this version amazed me! And all the credit goes to this amazing singer: you can tell that Kaoma is really feeling it! Watch the mesmerizing video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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