Mom Draws Eyebrows on 9-Month-Old – Watch Dad’s Hilarious Reaction

As parents we’re pretty much hardwired to love the way babies look, and even more so when they are our own children. We just can’t look at them without having a visceral reaction: this kid is more attractive than other kids. Unless, of course, there’s something that’s changed in their appearance. Like what happens here.

In this video we see something wholesome yet hilarious about the way this baby look. Doing her eyebrows was definitely mama’s idea, but once she was done she decided to leave them like that to see what Dad thought. So he walks in like it’s just a normal day, the same as any other, hangs up his keys and turns around.

When dad sees her for the first time, he just can’t stop laughing. His laugh will make you smile to your ears. The baby looks very confused by her dad’s reaction. She is going to love this video clip when she grows up.

This video is very wholesome. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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