Woman Spends $300 on New Hairstyle – Her Reaction Afterward is Hilarious

The term “Karen” has become popular in recent years to describe a specific type of entitled, often middle-aged, White woman who displays problematic behavior in public settings, such as demanding to speak to a manager or calling the police over trivial matters. The origin of the term is unclear, but it is believed to have emerged on social media in the early 2010s.

Well here’s a woman who believes that her new, expensive hairstyle makes her look like a “Karen” and she’s clearly not happy about it. Luckily for us, her uncomfortable loss is our hilarious gain!

We’ve all had a horrible haircut at some point in our lives, but this TikTok user @icarlyreboot was over-the-top dramatic when she stepped out of the salon after spending a fairly big amount of money with a new hairstyle that made her look like, at least in her own mind, a “Karen!”

Her hair had been a dark brunette tone that had reached her chin previously. Now, she has a completely different look. According to the new self-described Karen couldn’t stop crying when she saw her haircut, but she couldn’t help giggling at how absurd she looked as well. Watch the hilarious video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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