Humans Rescue Baby Elephant Stuck in a Ditch. Then the Herd Makes Sure They Are Thanked Properly

Animals love their babies as much as we do. And when this elephant family’s little one gets trapped in a ditch, they go ballistic. Luckily, a kind human came to their rescue. The man brings in an excavator and helps the baby elephant come out. He even makes steps for the tiny one and to get him out of the hole. The elephant herd fully entrust their baby to them and patiently wait for him to come back.

After a bit of struggle, this cutie finds his way out of the ditch. The humans start cheering, looking at this heartwarming rescue mission. But they weren’t as thrilled as the animal family. The elephants hurry towards the baby to check if he’s alright. Once they assured that their baby is fine, they express their gratitude in the most humbling way. The wild animals go on to form a line and salute the man for his great help!

According to scientific research, elephants are emotional beings. No wonder they felt the need to express themselves. The traumatic experience was no doubt hard for the baby animal to bear. So, they stand beside him. Everyone starts touching him with trunks and making soft sounds to comfort him. And it’s the most wholesome moment. Watch this video down below: 

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