Rescued Baby Bear Learns to Walk, Sees Another Bear for the First Time

This video is unusual because there aren’t a lot of abandoned bears in the wild–mothers typically stay close and take care of their young. But in this case, a logging operation frightened away a mother black bear mid-hibernation and she left her little cub.

The Black Bear Rescue Mission in Manitoba, Canada, picked up the tiny cub and named it Casper. He was so young his eyes were closed and had to be nursed with a bottle. When he first tries to walk, his head is so large that he can’t support it and he falls–just like a human child.

The video actually has two parts: before and after Casper learns about the outdoors. Once he’s old enough, they let him outside and he’s amazed (and scared). They also introduce him to his playmate, Dudley, who eventually becomes his best friend.

Watch the full heartwarming video below!

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