Argentinian Baby Has Cutest “Argument” With Mom That Requires No Translation.

When it comes to food, toddlers are known for being picky. They enjoy sweets and junk foods rather than vegetables or fruits. Mothers all around the world understand the pain of feeding a picky baby. But what if we try to reason with these daredevils with words?

Regardless of where you come from, getting the video’s notion will be a piece of cake. This adorable interaction between the mother and daughter is universal. Everyone out there is well aware of trying to feed their baby nutritious food.

Hence, in the clip, the mother asks for a reason or an explanation behind her cute daughter’s picky habits. The smart one uses the same language to say: Nope, not going to happen. Halfway through the conversation, the baby notices the camera. And the rest is just cuteness overload.

Please press play and enjoy this hilarious conversation.

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