Baby and Dad Get Into Heated Debate About Walking With Hilarious Results

Babies love arguing, even when they can hardly complete a sentence. These daredevils make their point heard in the most adorable baby language. Oh! And they hate losing. They make arguments in a way that they get the final say. Let’s be honest. There is no point in sparring with kids and women.

It’s a plummeting defeat, but what’s life without some good sense of humor. The adorable fighters bring the best out of us. And laughter never hurt anyone, right? Initially, the compilation begins with a baby screaming at her daddy. The comeback is not most ingenious but does make the little one laugh. We are here for that beautiful sound in the whole wide world.


Moving, a dad can’t seem to reason with his little on crawling. The baby seems to like getting picked up and carrying around. This one is a diva for sure. He hardly wants to hear the daddy’s point cause he has made up his mind. Overall the clips are entertaining and wholesome. These babies are not ready to give up their decision. Moreover, the persistent fathers are adding screaming energy with their silly harmless nuisance.

Please press play and get ready to be entertained.

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