Author: Anisha


12-year-old Sings a Chilling Rendition of “How Great Art Thou” in an Empty Church

Dog Spotted With Frozen Thanksgiving Turkey

“Anyone missing their turkey? If that’s the case, this dog in the Round Mountain area was very proud of it.”

Pregnant woman dancing salsa

35-Week-Pregnant Woman Struts On The Dance Floor Leaving The Crowd Mind blown With Her Salsa Moves

6-Year-Old Explains

6-year-old Explains How Messed Up It Is That Her Entire Life Has Been Put on Social Media

Delivery Driver Present

Four-year-old Rushes to Meet This Delivery Driver – Wait Till She Sees the Present in His Hand


Grandma hears heavenly piano music coming from room – Stuns to find 2-yr-old granddaughter


Groom Stops Wedding and Admits He Loves Someone Else — Points to a Guest and Makes His Bride Cry


This Dog Can’t Contain His Happiness Seeing His Human Sister Walk For The First Time

Feisty Cat

Feisty Cat Doesn’t Like How the Big Cat Is Talking to Him, So He Teaches Him a Lesson


Guy Hears Cries in the Parking Lot Then Flies Into Action After Realising What Was Wrong

Dog Rescuer Gets Huge Surprise

He Was Chained For 14 Years. Then, This Man Came Along And Did The Unthinkable!

Van toss trash teen saves

Van Tosses Out Bundle of ‘trash’ but When It Starts Moving – This Teen Dodges Traffic to Save It

Dad Sneezes, scares baby

Dad’s Sneeze Scares the Bejesus Out of This His Little Daughter.


Stray Cat Begs for Aid Outside a Health Facility – the Reason Is Heart-wrenching

Emily & Henrietta

Dancer Starts Grooving but Her Doggo’s Perfect Moves Steal the Spotlight

Hummingbird rescue

Thirsty Hummingbird Leaps into This Man’s Arms After Being Trapped on the Garage