Guests Cheer When Mom and Son Put on Showstopping Wedding Dance

Mother-son and father-daughter wedding dances were always very special but the trend lately is to jazz them up a bit to make them entertaining and memorable, too. Well here’s one that does just that.

This mother-son dance starts out like most–a nice slow dance to a memorable song, in this case Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”. That song is certainly appropriate since it’s about carrying on in the face of change, something both mother and son will deal with now that he’s married.

But as that fades out, this hip pair starts grooving when the next song, Uptown Funk, begins to play. We must admit, there are not many mothers or sons who would be willing or even able to dance like them. But, we are pretty sure there are many who wished to dance like them when they watched this amazing video.

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