Attendees Can’t Stop Laughing After This Emotional Groom’s Hilarious Mistake

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Getting married is always stressing. You need to take care of the venue, the ceremony, dresses, family… Maybe the gown is too tight. Maybe the family members are fighting. Maybe you got the wrong shoe. The chicken looks too dry… Phew…

But it’s all worth it once you see your loved one walking down or standing at the end of the aisle. Cause you both know.. From now on, there is someone beside you. The one that truly loves you and you truly care. The one who will be there for you in sickness and in health. When the wedding bells rings, that moment… when you see your spouse to be, you can’t contain your emotions.  You don’t believe me? Ask this couple.


Peter and Kendra were getting married in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. As memoriable as the whole experience was for them, the highlight of the day was when groom called out his wife to take her as his husband.

MRP Weddings posted this hilarious video featuring groom Peter, who makes a repeated error when reading his vows to his bride, Kendra. He vows:

“Kendra, Before god and before our family, and our friends. It’s my joy to take you as my husband”

Listening this, the audience erupts in laughter. Some people regard it as a blunder on the event but the new couple was able to maintain a sense of humor.