Toddler Jumps Into A Puddle, Now Keep An Eye On His Big Dog

There are lots of incredible videos on the internet. Dog videos are probably some of the most famous ones out there. I can never get enough of their silly antics. Our canine friends can make us laugh in an instant, can’t they? Dogs are awesome in themselves, but when a baby joins in, the video takes a turn for the better. Dogs and babies together is cuteness overload! The relationship between a little child and their dog is something that cannot be described by words.

Many people tend to think that it is foolish to introduce a dog to a baby, but these people couldn’t be more wrong. Dogs are great companions to little ones. Having a dog by their side means a child will grow up happy and healthy. Dogs are also incredible at babysitting. Just take for example, this precious clip featured below! The tiny toddler in the clip is called Arthur, and he is best friends with his dog, a 12 year old Shar Pei called Watson.

Together, Watson and Arthur go on many adventures. One day, they decided to take a walk. They came across a puddle while taking a stroll through the woods. Arthur treks through it before deciding to head back and splash around some more. His faithful doggie on the other hand stands patiently and waits for him. Watch this cute video below! Did this bring a smile to your face? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section!

[ytvid id=”PN-MjUC4f9k”]

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