Newborn of Fallen Soldier is “Adopted” by Father’s Army Brothers

As we approach Thanksgiving, we need to remember to be thankful for our military forces that keep us safe and defend our freedoms. Their lives are full of struggles and sacrifices–many of them won’t make it home for the holidays and some won’t make it home at all. Here’s one of those stories.

The video below is poignant and devastating. U.S. Army Chris Harris received a package from his wife revealing she was pregnant. Unfortunately, Chris died a week later in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber attacked his convoy.

Suddenly, Britt and her daughter-to-be were facing a fatherless future. But Chris considered his Army brothers to be family and they joined Britt in her pregnancy journey.

In this photoshoot after the birth, they stand behind her and cradle her, just like dad would have done. And baby Christian, who was named for her father, wears a onesie that says it all: “My Daddy, My Hero.”

We know it’s not easy for Britt being alone, especially not with a young one. I wish her all the strength she requires in this and all the holidays to come.

Please watch the video below and share your thoughts and prayers for the fallen soldiers and his family.

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