Serious Army Drill Suddenly Erupts Into a Hilarious Line Dance

Military service is a full-time job. Soldiers have to stay far from the family for months or even years. Serving the nation is not an easy task. The military forces go through a series of intense routines.

Discipline is the number one priority. However, in the midst of the toughening up, fun also plays a crucial role. Similar to the dance drill featured in the clip below. These men are well aware of when to get down to business.


Hence, a little bit of fun from such serious professionals is refreshing. Thanks to viral challenges, we can witness these types of videos. In the past, we have seen firefighters, health workers, police officers, etc., entertaining videos. After they put their life in the line for us, they deserve the fun.

Back to our defense force, they are in three-line formation. The captain is calling all the shots. He informs the soldier to swing to the right and left, and the armies do as instructed. This military cadence is an essential exercise. They help soldier control their breathing in between the marches. Not only that, it helps to keep them motivated throughout the routine. Please press play and enjoy this entertaining clip. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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