Apartment Dwellers Receive Note From Neighbor About Their Baby

Having a baby can be very tough. It is not easy to raise and care for one.

Not to mention the never-ending crying and fussing of the tiny tots. It is almost always frustrating for those who live near the baby to deal with all the noise. But things stay as they are and there isn’t much that the neighbors or the parents can do until the child grows up. A crying baby is a responsibility and a very tough one on that.


The Cry-it-out method they’ve mentioned is rather controversial. And many parents frown upon them. As it includes babies to cry for a certain time without their parents to soothe them.  The approach, also known as the extinction method, is used for sleep training infants by leaving them awake in their cribs until they fall asleep on their own.
That implies you won’t rely on feeding or rocking your baby to sleep.

In contrast to popular belief, the purpose of sleep training is not to prevent nighttime wakings (everyone does, including adults), nor is it for the baby to go the entire night without being fed (breastfed infants might continue needing a feed up to age 1).
The goal is to assist your child learn to fall asleep without you by her side.

cry it out method

So, this parent decided to offer all the neighbors some tequila, milk, and sugar just in case they are in need of any and if their baby’s cries bother them. It is amazing how the parents were empathetic toward other people despite their own issues and there aren’t many people who are as thoughtful as this mother.

This is heartwarming.

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