Lonely Girl Was About to Be Attacked, but Pay Close Attention to Her Next Move

If you live in the US, 911 is the most ideal source when it comes to emergency. But when time is not on your side and a few seconds can determine your survival, 911 might not be of much help. That is where OnCamera, a new phone app, comes in. This app helps potential victims avoid danger or ward off an attacker. Individuals who are in trouble can call upon a trained officer on their cell phone itself. The officer will instantly intervene on their behalf – on video, and in real time.

Officers in OnCamera use the GPS location and streaming video to connect users with various emergency services. This is really an amazing idea, don’t you think? The officer might not be physicaly present, but they are still in touch with you via your phone. They can witness the whole thing from the phone. The attackers could flee before they even get to take action. This app is donor-funded and they are available as a free beta for certain time period.

Watch the video below. What are your thoughts about this idea? Let us know in the comments!

On Camera

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Posted by Clarissa & Thomas Lehmann on Thursday, January 21, 2016

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