Rescued pony was playing alone, now watch when his owner comes along

There are lots of abused and abandoned animals all over the world. Sadly, some of them end up suffering their entire life, thanks to the neglect of those around them. However, some organizations have been working day and night for the welfare of these poor souls. World Horse Welfare is one of these establishments. They have rescued and given second chances to many horses since their establishment. Take for example, the pony featured in the video below.

This adorable girl is called Xanthe and she has been placed in a loving forever home already. This pony now she explores the Scottish Highlands together with her best friend, who is also her loving owner, Ann Raeburn. Ann adopted Xanthe almost 15 years ago from World Horse Welfare. The duo made their very first journey through the hills together in 2009. They covered 50 miles in the multiday trip. Now, Xanthe and Ann take multiday trips of over 200 miles together!

Xanthe is well-trained to pull her human friend in a cart, but when she has trouble, she doesn’t hesitate to ask for help either. Ann then gets off and leads the pony up the hill.

Watch their beautiful bond in the video below! What did you think about it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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