If This Video Doesn’t Make You Unplug Yourself From the Internet, Nothing Ever Will

The internet rules the world of today. But this man says goodbye to the world of ‘the world wide web’ and goes to embrace mother nature. Our need to continually access the web has made it impossible to enjoy the beautiful life. So, the video takes us on a journey to a world without buffering.

Today’s generation is always within the clutch of social media. We have forgotten the feeling of having real-life communication and friendship. Therefore, it’s necessary to take a break from your everyday mundane life. Why not go for a hike? Or any other recreational activity? Trust me; you will have a completely new outlook on life. So, why not try being disconnected from the technological world? Take a few days off and get lost in nature. Let’s break out of our comfort zone at home and stop looking at the screen.

Do you want to hear a tweet instead of reading one? And experience a world where you live in a moment and not scroll through one. Well, nature will always welcome you into its loving arms. You should just let go every once in a while and reside in a peaceful environment. It will give you the true meaning of life. Cinthol’s “Alive is Offline” slogan is genuinely a fantastic revelation to all of us. Watch this video down below: 

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