She Comes in Front of the Mic to Sing This Christian Classic a Few Seconds I’m Speechless!

Amazing Grace has become one of the most beloved Christian songs of all time. Even atheists know the first few words of this classic, but many of us rarely know its background. The beautiful words of this song were penned down by a former slave trader, John Newton, whose experience and realization of the grace of God inspired this touching song.

The following video features a great cover of Amazing Grace and it is unlike anything I have ever heard before. It is performed by The Band Perry and the arrangement is updated by Chris Tomlin. Their harmonies and synchronization are incredible and I am sure you will be hitting replay more than once. Go ahead and enjoy it!

Amazing Grace by The Band Perry 2-27 screenshot

Watch their rendition below! Did you like it? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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