She Lies On The Ground Holding This Pit Bull. When I Knew Why, I Couldn’t Stop My Tears!

There are many people who actively rear dogs for the purposes of fighting. It is an illegal activity that takes a heavy toll on innocent animals. When rearing dogs for fighting they often use other dogs as ‘bait’ to make them more aggressive. As a result ‘bait’ dogs suffer heinous injuries as we can see from the example in this video.

The rescuers at ‘Love That Dog, Hollywood’ respond to a call about a bait dog bleeding profusely on the street. They find her emaciated and don’t expect her to survive very long. They take her in and give her medical treatment and it takes two very long years to get her as ‘normal’ as possible! She is eventually adopted by Shelley who also acted as her foster mom and is finally happy!

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[ytvid id = “Rl3fPTbWNjM”]

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