Giant Lion Spotted Tiny Wiener Dog But Instead of Gobbling Her Up, He Does Something Unexpected!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Strangely enough, it seems that the smaller the dog is, the fiercer his personality! Big breeds tend to be really gentle and sweet, while smaller breeds tend to be fierce. For instance, compare the mellow vibes of a St. Bernard with the dangerous rage of a tiny Chihuahua! Dachshund dogs also have big personalities in their small bodies!

These “Weiner” dogs are instantly recognizable because of their shape. These cute doggies may seem like they’re too small to be a threat, but the one in the following video is an exception. Abby, the dachshund, thinks she’s tougher than a lion. Abby lives at a wildlife park in Oklahoma, and it’s amazing how she bosses the big lions around!

She isn’t scared of the huge carnivores by the slightest. Instead, she is absolutely a boss around the creatures that can turn her into a tiny snack in an instant! The bigger animals seem to be quite entertained by Abby. You might have seemed unusual animal friendships on the internet, but perhaps it doesn’t get any more extreme than this!

It’s a wonder how such a tiny dog is able to manage to stand her ground among such giant beasts, but that’s Abby for you!

Check out this amazing pooch below:

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