He Heard Cries Coming From a Bundle in the Dirt. On a Closer Look, the Whole Internet Teared Up

Birth of a baby is always welcomed with a loud cheer, happiness, and celebrations. The parents welcome their baby with lots of excitement and love but all that doesn’t seem to be the same in this specific case. Raul Marin Ceja was walking to his work in the morning when he found an abandoned baby in the woods.

He was completely shocked to see an infant girl wrapped in a white cloth bundle left to the dirt near a canal. The infant was helplessly crying for her mother when Ceja found the baby girl in an early Saturday morning.


When he heard such an innocent cry he immediately turned on his cam and began to explore the area from where the noise was coming. However, he had never thought to find such an innocent infant in such a terrible state. My heart broke when I saw this infant in this horrible abandoned state. Tell us how you felt watching this incident through your comments!

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