Four 5th-Grade Boys Dress Like Babies to Perform Comical Routine

The early years of school life are by far the best time in contrast to senior years. Don’t get me wrong, being a senior is not horrible, but the academic work and pressure to stand out sometimes get the best of us. However, in the elementary phase, creativity peaks the highest.

We hardly fear the judgment of others. It’s time when we enjoy the company of our supportive peers, express ourselves in various ways. Similar to these grade 5 boys who execute quite an act. During a school talent show in New Braunfels Christian Academy, these four boys put on a hilariously entertaining gig.

The boys are dressed in baby onesies, making them look like toddlers. Initially, these boys begin with a fun dance number by Taylor Swift, “Shake it off.” These kids shake all the troubles away. The little ones bust out a choreographed routine that must have taken hours and days to perfect. With every other song, the crowd lets out a burst of big laughter. You will hear songs from Justin Timberlake, The Village People, combined with impressive moves.

Please press play and enjoy the fantastic dance routine.

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