Pregnant Mom Falls Down Staircase and 3-Yr-Old Daughter Saves the Day

Here’s a video about a little girl that averted what could have been a family tragedy and turned it instead into a family triumph.

Emma was at home with her mom, Katherine, during the day when Katherine, who was heavily pregnant, fell down the stairs. Quick-thinking Emma called the British emergency number 999 and told the operator what happened.

“Mummy fall down a stairs,” Emma told the operator, Sarah Morris. “And she got a baby.” The calm operator told her to tell her mom to stay still and wait for the ambulance, then told Emma “You are such a clever girl. Talk to mummy and tell her everything is OK.

What happened next was heartwarming. “What’s mummy doing now?” Sarah asked. “I’m giving mummy a cuddle,” Emma answered. So not only does she save mom’s life but she also comforts her while waiting for the ambulance, which arrives after a few minutes.

“I was surprised how young she was,” said Sarah. “I think there’s older children that would have struggled in that situation.”

This news is just heartwarming. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

And here’s an audio that has more of the actual call between Emma and Sarah:

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