Comedians Give Boy 3 Minutes To Buy Anything He Wants And His Reaction Is Beautiful.

When we think of kids, we usually picture a lot of games, dolls, and candies. So, naturally, if you give a handful of money to a toddler in a grocery store. The child is bound to run towards the toy or candy section. 

The boy featured in the clip below is not your average child. 

It all started when a youtube channel called “The Pun Guys” decided to experiment. Right around the holidays, the YouTubers witness a boy looking at video games in Target. They explain to the boy. He has only three minutes to fill the cart with anything his heart desires. He agrees immediately and put the game he was holding. 

Instead of shopping in the toy section, he swiftly rushes to the cleaning and home goods aisle. The action stunned the comedians as we hear them share an amused ongoing conversation. He then begins to add a variety of cleaners. Furthermore, he selects baby clothes, diapers, and sippy cups. He even chooses a conventional oven. 

The Pun show team watch as he adds the final item. They asked why he picked up so many home supplies when he could have invested the money in games. The kid has a simple yet powerful reply,

“We don’t usually have a lot in the house. Hence, the items will be a great help for the family.”

The team gives him the money to buy all the things. He doesn’t believe the words, but the comedians insist. The boy wishes them Christmas and runs in excitement to show his mothers all the goods. After hearing his son, the mother hugs her baby in excitement. 

See, miracles exist only in less literal form than we expect. Please press play and enjoy this fantastic clip. Do share your thoughts in the feed. 

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