Do You Remember Doing This Dance Back in the ’60s? It Was Everywhere!

For generations, music has always found a sweet spot in our life. Over the years, music has changed, and so have the iconic steps. While in my early days, I was perfecting moves to “Macarena.” Kids today are learning steps to “Whip” or “Nae Nae.” In contrast to the 60s’ when everyone was getting into the action of “Twist.”

The American Rock N Roll singer and dancer is known for inventing a series of dance styles. The twist is one of his many exciting and entertaining addition to the music industry. During the summer of the 1960s, Chubby hit the floor with “The Twist.” It didn’t take people long enough to join in the action.

Soon the dance step gained fame of its own. Everyone began incorporating the step one or another. Apart from Checker’s success on the dance style. The music hit the billboards twice, making it a new record.

Please press play and get your groove on.

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