12-Yr-Old’s Reaction to Finally Getting a Dog is a Must-See

Most of us had a time when we were a kid that we wanted a pet. Some of us got one right away while others had to wait. Here’s a boy whose reaction when he gets his first dog shows it was definitely worth the wait and is also enough to make any of us tear up.

The video below features a terrific setup by this boy’s mother on his 12th birthday. As the video explains, he’s been begging for a dog since he was three. As he unwraps his present with Mom filming, he’s a little hesitant to tell her that the toys she thought he would like so much are actually not for kids, they’re for dogs. Mom acts like she doesn’t know and apologizes (sneaky, Mom, sneaky).

But then Mom shows us her brilliance when she says if they’re dog toys, “I guess you need a dog.” The boy turns and there’s Dad, holding the puppy. The 12-year-old’s reaction is one of the most heartwarming things you’ll see today and just might bring a tear to go along with your smile.

WATCH the short video clip below and let us know if you’ve ever pulled such a sneaky move on your kids!

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