Disabled Teen Rolls Wheelchair to Graduation, but Watch Him Cross the Stage

Here’s a fantastic story of inspiration and determination from a young man who wanted to show people he was much more than what they see.

The man in the video is Sebastian and he has a debilitating disease called spinal bifida. It’s a neural tube defect that affects the spine and typically prevents those who have it from walking. It causes a number of other difficulties as well, such as incontinence and skin problems. It has left Sebastian in a wheelchair for his entire high school career–making this critical time in his life difficult, to say the least.

But Sebastian had a plan to show people he was much more than the man they saw riding around in the wheelchair. So at his high school graduation, he rolls the chair up to the edge of the stage when his name is called, but then he does the unexpected: he gets out two crutches, stands up and starts to walk across the stage. Merely attempting such a feat is inspiration to us all.

But the lesson in determination comes immediately after he stands, because when he starts to walk he falls. But Sebastian resolutely picks up his crutches, gets himself in order and walks up to the presenter to receive his diploma. Then he bravely walks across the rest of the stage like all the other graduates.

Well done Sebastian, thanks for the lesson! Watch the full video below and let us know in the comments what you think of this brave man.

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