Baby Monitor Captures 10-Yr-Old Sneaking Into Baby’s Room at 3 AM to Do This

Siblings, we love or hate them all at the same time. No matter how we feel at the precise moment, we never stop protecting them. As, deep down, we are well aware of the affection we have for them. Similar to this older brother in the video featured below.

Mason recently became a big brother. His mom and dad gave birth to Greyson, who is 18 months old. Small kids, at times, share a polarising opinion about having a sibling. Some rejoice in the company, while others resent the loss of attention.

Our little one falls in the latter. A video captured on a baby monitor shows just how much he cares about his baby brother. Greyson began crying in the middle of the night, thinking everyone must be asleep. Mason walked into his sibling’s room. Unaware that his parents are watching him on the baby monitor.

Gloria McIntosh shares she couldn’t stop smiling. Therefore, she decided to post the video on TikTok as the world needs warmth during hard times. Mason sat with his brother for over an hour, trying to calm him down. He used every method in hand to help his brother sleep. The toddlers even join Greyson in the crib to keep him company. The mother soon joined her sons to provide a helping hand.

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