Young Boys Are Asked To Slap This Girl, And You Will Love How They React

Domestic violence towards women has been a global problem for the longest time. Women have been suffering for as long as they can remember.

Hence, a group of experimenters decided to pull a social experiment on the street. This basically tries to put an end to the worldwide problem of women’s violation. These experimenters go to young boys who are adolescents and even younger ones. The boys are asked to hit a girl that they bring along for the experiment.

The boys are hesitant while they are asked to do so. Some negatively nod while some straight-up deny doing so. These boys surely have a few words of their opinions to share with the world. And we must admit, they come from a very good background.

In fact, the whole world can learn from their kind reactions that domestic violence towards women is not in any way relevant.

Watch this heartwarming video below!

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