She’s Skating on a Frozen Lake. But Pay Attention to Her Legs When the Camera Zooms Out!

When a friend asked Katrina Lazzarotto if she would like to go and figure skate around the stunning mountains of British Columbia, she agreed instantly. Chances like these don’t come often now, do they?

But Katrina never realized how incredible her experience was actually going to be! Wait till you see this mind-blowing clip! Katrina is not really a figure skater. When her friend Bradley Friesen made the exciting proposal, she hadn’t skated for four years!

But she agreed anyway and the two got into Bradley’s helicopter and flew up 5,000 feet to the Canadian Rockies. There they spotted the perfect frozen lake. Katrina stayed on the ground, while Bradley went up in the air again to get some aerial shoots. The end result? Breathtaking!

Watch this stunning video below! Did this leave you out of words as well? Let us know in the comments!

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