Mom Hilariously Tries To Sneak Out Of Son’s Bedroom Without Waking Him Up

Being a parent can be very difficult. You never know what you have to go through while trying to put your child to sleep.

This is one of the most hilarious things you will ever find on the internet. The father of the child found out how sneaky his wife was trying to get out of the baby’s room and he just could not hold in his laughter. After the video was on the internet, everyone else who watched the video had a similar reaction. This video is simply hilarious.

The mother is so cautious about not waking up her child that it gets funny. The dad writes, “The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to exit the room after putting your son down!! Sometimes you have to use your initiative for your exit!!” As the couple lives in South Africa, he added, “PS The SA Army are calling me for you [Caryn] to do training on the reverse leopard crawl!”

This is hilarious. Watch the full video below!

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