Woman Throws Tantrum in Costco After Staff Refuse to Serve Her for Refusing to Wear Mask

As we are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are strictly encouraged to wear masks. Whenever you step aside, masks are mandatory to protect yourself and your community. Here an old lady throws tantrums to COSTCO staff, as she was asked to wear a mask. She was caught in a camera dangling the mask and refusing to wear it.

A member of the COSCO company inquiries medical reasons with the old lady for not wearing a mask. Unlikely, the woman starts to argue and says she does not have any reason. She argues back saying she is an American Citizen, and she has constitutional rights.


The women sat on the COSTCO company floor demanding to speak with the manager.  The lady denies stepping outside although the members of COSCO politely talk with her.  This elderly lady sat on the floor stubbornly and disagrees with the staff and COSCO company policy. Watch the full video here:

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