TV Advert “Polar Bear” Can’t Quite Get the Hang of Walking on Ice…

Polar bears possess remarkable adaptations that allow them to navigate icy terrain with ease. Their ability to walk and run on ice is a testament to their specialized physical characteristics and evolutionary adaptations. Their large, wide paws with slightly webbed toes act like natural snowshoes, distributing their weight over a larger surface area. This design helps prevent them from sinking into the snow or breaking through thin ice, enabling them to maintain stability and move more efficiently.

The soles of polar bears’ paws are covered in small, non-retractable claws that provide them with excellent traction on ice. These sharp claws allow polar bears to grip the slippery surfaces, preventing them from sliding and ensuring secure footing as they traverse icy landscapes. Additionally, the fur on their paws provides insulation, preventing their pads from freezing and allowing them to comfortably walk and run on frigid ice for extended periods.

So in real life, a combination of their broad paws, strong claws, and specialized fur enables polar bears to move swiftly and confidently across icy environments, including frozen sea ice, glaciers, and snow-covered terrain. On this TV commercial, however, it appears they forgot all of those adaptations.

These outtakes are from the filming of a Mitsubishi automobile ad featuring a big white polar bear. The local dealership supports the University of Minnesota hockey team, so they film the ad on the ice rink. Watching the bear try to make it the short distance to the center of the ice is pretty funny, but the best part comes at the end once he’s already there! Watch the hilarious video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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