He’s Paddleboarding and Whale Surfaces Nearby – Watch What Happens

Here’s a very cool video captured by a paddleboarder who knew whales were in the area, so he had a drone overhead in case one surfaced. It did and the result was a viral encounter with one of the world’s largest mammals.

Analia Giorgetti was paddleboarding off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina, in 2021 while his friend Maximiliano Jonas was operating a drone to film him from above. The two knew there were whales in the area and were hoping to capture some footage.

Sure enough, a southern right whale surfaces nearby and begins investigating Analia and his paddleboard. These whales are quite curious and playful around humans and have even been known to try to give boaters and kayak rides on their backs.


What happens next is nothing short of amazing: the whale swims close, reaches out a fin and gently nudges the paddleboard along. It’s as if he’s checking to see whether it something he can play with or not!

Check out this incredible clip below and let us know in the comments why you think the whale nudged the board–did he want to play or some other reason?

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