They Pose on the Dock for Wedding Pictures, But Guess What Happens…

These days there’s so much planning, time and expense that goes into a wedding that everyone hopes it comes off perfectly. Everything is expensive: the clothes, photography, flowers, venue and even the food that’s served. So the bride and groom want it to be just right.

Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always cooperate with those wishes. Take this bridal party in Minnesota, for example. Dan and Jackie Anderson had it all planned out for a gorgeous wedding party photo over the water.

They all coordinate to walk out on a skinny dock: first the groomsmen, then the bride and groom, then the bridesmaids. Just as they get into position, however, the dock starts to shift and then buckles right in the middle! All but a few bridesmaids end up soaking wet. Watch the clip below:


But wait, that’s not the only one. A nearly identical situation occurred at Shelbyville, Michigan’s Gun Lake. The bride, groom and entire wedding party works their way onto a skinny dock and just as they get lined up for pictures, boom! It’s into the water for everyone! Watch the short video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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