Vet Demonstrates How To Properly Hydrate A Koala After One Dies From Being Given Water The Wrong Way

Koalas are a species of marsupials that are native to the continent of Australia. These mammals are known for their love of slowly munching on Eucalyptus leaves. However, they have been in the news recently for a heartbreaking reason. The bushfire that is burning the nation has wiped out half a billion animals.

Reports say that 30% of the Koalas of NSW died due to the flames. Furthermore, even if the animals somehow survive the fire, they are still at risk. The smoke and heat, along with the fire burning Koalas source of water, Eucalyptus trees, lead to dehydration. Although people have been trying to do their part, improper treatment of the animals can do more harm.

koala rescue

A rescued Koala named Arnie died of Aspiration Pneumonia after rescuers poured water into his mouth. The water got into the poor creature’s lungs when it tilted its head back, which caused the complication. Vets have now issued a warning to hydrate Koalas in a proper manner. The preferred way is by placing water in a bowl that they can lap down. Watch the video of the rescue effort and demonstration of hydrating Koalas:

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