You might have seen performers who sing, dance, play the piano and paint while walking down the street. They choose to showcase their talent to the world that way. But you must definitely never seen any performer who has mastered puppeteering like this man! With two Kermit the Frog puppets in both his hands, Brian Maris makes them “sing” along to the classic Queen and David Bowie song, “Under Pressure.” He clearly has a passion for puppets, and he’s doing it to raise awareness about a very important subject.

Brian wants to use this performance to help bring attention to and raise awareness about the struggles of the homeless people. He hopes it inspires people to donate their time and money to help those who are less fortunate! He wants people to be a blessing to those people, as every little bit of help can make a huge difference in their lives. Now that’s quite a moving thing to do for strangers, isn’t it?

Although Brian isn’t actually homeless himself, the main aim of his act is to help those who are not as fortunate or have fallen into bad times. While most people know that Queen and David Bowie were the geniuses behind “Under Pressure” but it’s a lesser-known fact that an early version of the song was called “Feel Like.” Bowie was actually in the studio to record back-up vocals to a different track (which were later removed) but happily agreed to help the band belt out the perfect version!

This was quite a unique and interesting performance indeed! Let’s hope to see more from him soon!

Check out this amazing video below:

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