He Jumps Off the Top of This Tower, But it’s Not What You’re Thinking

This a great little short that’s surprising in a number of ways, not the least of which is what happens when he jumps “off” the tower.

Street art has grown dramatically in the age of the internet, and no category is hotter than the sidewalk chalk drawings that create an optical illusion of a realistic objects and even other worlds. Here we see a young Chinese artist who goes by ‘caihuizsx‘ use chalk to create a realistic tower right in the street. Once he’s finished, he completes the optical illusion by jumping from the tower’s top to one of its perches. His talent is evident.

Watch the full video below!

In another post from the young man’s video archive, we see him create what appears to be a set of steps in the middle of the road! Be sure and watch to the end, when vehicles come and he ultimately washes it away.


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