Onlookers Cheer as a Smart Tortoise Uses a Clever Way to Flip His Overturned Friend

Tortoises have a general advantage in the wild. Moreover, their rock-hard shells protect them over any dangerous predators. However, this very safety armor can sometimes be a huge problem. The tortoise may overturn and become prey or even die of starvation. Luckily for one reptile, his friend was around!

There is a saying that goes, “friends are the family you choose.” And in my opinion, it can’t be said better! Your pals pick you up in the days when you are down. And these tortoises are the best example of what friends are for!

A resident of Taiwan Zoo, this giant tortoise, found itself in a bit of a pickle after misjudging a step. Expressly, it was upside down and couldn’t flip itself back. Fortunately, another tortoise sees its friend in distress and comes to the rescue! Slowly, the shelled-creature analyzes his pal’s situation. Then, he finds a good point to wedge himself under his friend’s shell. Furthermore, with sheer determination, the turned-over tortoise lands on its feet! Watch the video below:

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